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Food & Family

What is Family and Consumer Science?
Through our Family and Consumer Sciences program, K-State Research and Extension is able to provide knowledge for life relating to home and family. Through our programs, classes, publications, newsletters, columns, and much more, our agents provide you Knowledge for Life.
December 3
"Dining In"
part d
October 15-December 7
Medicare Part D, Prescription Drug
Assistance Planned
October 18-December 13
Stay Strong Stay Healthy
December 6
Focus on the Stars: Cooking Healthy
for the Holidays
December 11-January 15
Dining with Diabetes


 heart heart 
January 14
Stay Strong Stay Healthy
February 2
Regional Farmers' Market Workshop



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Barbara Ames

Barbara Ames

Nutrition, Health, &
Food Safety Agent
(620) 331-2690




Tara Solomon

Tara Solomon-Smith

Adult Development and Aging
(620) 724-8233