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Wildcat Extension District

Local Climate Data

The local climate and its variability is extremely important when making planting planting decisions, specifically corn. The local Kansas Mesonet site in Parsons records on a daily basis: Air Temperature (High and Low), Relative Humidity, Precipitation, Wind Speed at 2 Meters (Average and High), Soil Temperature at 5 centimeter (High and Low), Soil Temperature at 10 centimeter, Solar Radiation, and Evapotranspiration. In addition, the site also records on an hourly basis: Air Temperature, Relative Humidity, Precipitation, Wind Direction, Wind Speed, Soil Temperature (5 cm and 10 cm), and Solar Radiation. While all of these parameters are important, there are a few that producers need to consider in particular: 2 Inch Soil Temperature and Cumulative Precipitation

2 Inch Soil Temperature - Updated 6/6/2018    

2018 7 Day Running Average - 79.2    2010 - 2017 7 Day Running Average - 75.0 degrees

Cumulative Precipitation - Updated 6/6/2018

Month to Month Data