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Wildcat Extension District

Covid-19 Response Resources

Covid-19 Response


Welcome to our page where you can find the latest updates on how our Wildcat District team is responding to the Covid-19 Outbreak and resources for all ages for professional/personal use. We first want to let you know that we are all navigating this time of uncertainty together and will do our best to still provide you timely, research-based information while practicing safe social distancing. 

K-State Research and Extension Wildcat District offices are operating under National guidelines to remain socially distant and wear masks upon entry. Please call our office so that we can provide you with resources over the phone if possible. If your need cannot be met over the phone, please make an appointment with our Office Professional so that we can practice safe social distancing while we assess your need. 

Kansas State University along with K-State Research and Extension are being advised by the Centers for Disease Control as well as State Officials. As their recommendations change to accommodate new information regarding the health and well-being of our communities, state, and country, we will continue to follow their guidelines.

We will continue to sort out details such as plans for soil testing drop-off and other tasks that must be done in office. We are also developing plans to get you reliable, research-based information through our media channels in this time of limiting in-person contact.


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General Resources

What Research Tells Us About the COVID-19 Vaccine and Kansans
Frances Graves Wildcat Extenson District Director

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Wildcat District Health Departments

Crawford County - https://www.crawfordcountykansas.org/health-department.html

Montgomery County - http://mgcountyks.org/county-depts/health-department

Wilson County - http://www.wilsoncountykansas.org/main/county-offices/health-department

Labette County - https://labettecounty.com/health-dept


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