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Wildcat Extension District

News Release 2020

12.17.20 - Feeling Stretched as a Caregiver?- Tara Solomon-Smith

10.13.20-Review Your Medicare Part D -Tara Solomon-Smith

9.29.20 - Finding Normal Through 4-H - Will Morris

9.25.20 - Youth in Crawford, Labette, Montgomery and Wilson Counties May Join 4-H at No Cost for 2020-2021- Jerry Hall

9.23.20 -Wildcat Extension Education Foundation receives donation through America’s Farmers Grow Communities Program - Will Morris

9.16.2020 Mini Grant - Tara Solomon-Smith

8.6.20 Pickling Workshop - James Coover

7.28.20 -Dining with Diabetes Course Offered in Online Format - Barbara Ames

7.8.20 Livestock Industry Set to Take another Hit -  Wendie Powell

 7.7.20 Lessons Learned From Leadership During Uncertain Times - Frances Graves

4.13.20 Turning Challenges int Extension Opportunities During COVID-19- Frances Graves

3.26.20 Soil Samples Can Still Be Processed Despite Covid-19- Wendie Powell

3.18.20 Working Remotely Amid Multiple Life Shifts- Tara Solomon-Smith

3.9.20 KHF Awards Grant to Build Healthier Community- Tara Solomon-Smith

3.3.20 Dining with Diabetes Classes- Barbara Ames

3.2.20 Walk Kansas Program- Barbara Ames

2.18.20 Burn Workshop in Wilson County- Adaven Scronce

1.27.2020 Lambing and Kidding Workshop- Adaven Scronce

1.7.2020 SSSH offered in Independence- Barbara Ames