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Wildcat Extension District

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Expanding our Paw Print

It is the Wildcat Extension District's goal to continually "Expand our Paw Print." We can do this by working across disciplines to create high-impact programming for individuals, organizations, and local leaders across Crawford, Labette, Montgomery, and Wilson counties. Continue to check back to this page for more success stories and impact reports.

Wildcat Wednesday: KOAM-TV

July 14, Wildcat Wednesday with Sara Schwatken and Katie Townsend: 4-H Clothing Judging Day


July 14, 2021 Wildcat Wednesday with Jesse Gilmore: Master Gardner Program

June 16, 2021 Wildcat Wednesday with Holly Miner: Food Preservation and Safety





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Wildcat Connection

July 2021 - Vol. 5, Issue 11  - 

WCC July 21
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