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Labette County Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge

Do you know a student in grades 9-12 who…….

 Has started a business?

Is interested in starting a business someday?

Always has ideas about how to improve things?

Is a creative thinker?

Has a skill that would make a good business?

Likes to compete for cash prizes?

If so, please let them know to be on the lookout for the Labette County Youth Entrepreneur Fair which will be held in 2020. This event, allows high school students to enter their business ideas and compete for up to $1,000 in cash prizes.



Join the Campaign

Check Your Credit Report Campaign - Check 3 Times A Year -

3/3, 7/7 and 11/11

Why should I check my credit report? Your credit report is a detailed record of your credit activities from the past 7-10 years. Potential creditors, employers, and landlords use your credit report to estimate how trustworthy you will be.

Federal Law entitles you to 3 FREE credit reports each year. One from each of the 3 credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.

Credit reports play an important role in many areas of life. They impact one's ability to establish a lower loan interest rate, determine how much they pay for insurance, even impact getting a job and renting a house or apartment. Credit reports also provide a safeguard against identity theft.

Establishing and maintaining credit is an important first step in achieving good credit. Next, monitoring your credit with regular viewing of your credit report and then correcting any problems ensures that information is up to date.

Complete a short survey to get an email reminder to check your credit three times a year:

Sign up for email reminder

Request your credit report today:


 Annual Credit Report Request Form


By Mail:

Send the above request form to:

Annual Credit Report Request Service

P.O. Box 105281

Atlanta, GA  30348-5281


By Phone:



A community's sustainability depends on its long-term ability to meet residents' needs.

K-State Research and Extension is committed to providing Knowledge for Life to make our homes and families happier and healthier.

K-State Research and Extension also is to provide technical assistance and evidence-based programs to citizens who want to make sure their communities survive and prosper.
K-State Research and Extension can play a key role in helping people create a vision across traditional geographical, sociological, and political boundaries. We can help your community become a better place to live and work.