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Wildcat Extension District

Extension Master Gardeners

Extension Master Gardeners is a group of horticulture volunteers dedicated to broadening the reach of Extension to teach district residents the value and techniques of horticulture, and to use the knowledge gained during EMG training in service to the local community. EMG’s are trained in the fall on the following topics in the fall: 

Plant Growth & Development 
Turfgrass in Kansas 
Annual and Perennial Flowers 
Landscape Maintenance 
Woody Ornamentals 
Vegetable Gardening 
Insects and Entomology 
Pesticide Use and Safety 
Plant Diseases 
Fruit in Kansas  
Landscape Design 
Wildlife Management 


Once trained, Extension Master Gardeners then use this knowledge to volunteer with community organizations that need horticulture expertise. As part of the program, Extension Master Gardeners are asked to volunteer 40 hours of their time during the first year following their basic training, and 25 hours every year after that. Extension Master Gardeners are also provided with advanced training opportunities on topics not covered by the basic training. Topics are selected based on the interests of the participants and community need.  


To download a copy of the application for the program, click here.