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Wildcat Extension District

Webinars and Trainings

Forage Inventory Considerations: Managing Now and Looking Ahead - Powerpoint

9/24/2022 - Drought Management for Cattle Producers- Cherryvale Meeting



Tuesday Topics with Tara Solomon-Smith

6/28/2022 - Tools for Caregiving Solutions


6/21/22 - Learning From Our Emotions


6/14/22 - Communication Tools


6/7/22-How to Best Express Ourselves


5/31/22 Stress Reduction


5/24/22 Managing Self Care

Wildcat District/ Fab Food Lab ICC Collaboration Videos to Address Food Insecurity

From Hen to Chick- Starting a Backyard Chicken Flock

Raising Backyard Chickens

Edible Landscaping

Evidence of Improvement

Livestock Production Records - Webinar

KSU cow-calf record book

Google Suite

Gallagher Connecting eID, Scale, To phone and desktop

Gallagher auto drafter - auto sorting for sheep operation

PI testing at branding

UHF usage on operations

Management minder


Hitting the Target

Sheep & Goat Management: Parasites, Common Diseases, Vaccine Handling - Webinar

Survey (Vaccine Handling Section)

If you would like a refridgerator thermometer, please contact Wendie Powell at 620-784-5337

Professional Development Webinar as Part of Kansas Health Foundation Grant 

With help from a Kansas Health Foundation Grant and Southeast Kansas community partners, Wichita State University's Community Engagement Institute has provided two personal/professional development webinars to explore at your leisure.  

Working Across Factions -        Webinar         Worksheet

We all work with people in some way!  In this session, participants will explore working across factions. Factions are individuals or groups of people who have some shared values. When working on projects, programs and issues that have community wide impact, it is important to not only consider who those factions are, but what are their values and culture and how do you more effectively work across those groups to make progress. 
Please complete this survey:  https://bit.ly/35ckz4y


Clear Purpose & Engaging Unusual Voices -        Webinar         Worksheet
Who is around the table and for what purpose? Having a clear purpose might be one of the most important starting points when engaging in coalition work. Individuals and organizations have their own purpose and can at times come together to make progress on something that is shared. But you can’t do it with only the people you already know, taking a look around the table and identifying unusual voices to add to the conversation will be the catalyst for making true progress on those complex challenges your community faces. In this session, participants will explore ideas related to purpose, making conscious choices and engaging unusual voices and what that means for your coalition and the work you do.  
Please complete this survey:  https://bit.ly/2L7zgPA


Selling Your Meat Direct to Consumers - Collaboration with Pitt-State SBDC- Webinar

Webinar Agenda- June 11, 2020  6-7pm

Introduction: Frances Graves, K-State Research and Extension (<5 min)

Processing Requirements: Mike Fink, Kansas Dept. of Ag (10-15 min)

Business Set-up: Dacia Clark, SBDC (10-15 min)

Marketing your Product Online: Mindy Lee / SBDC (10-15 min)

Live Q&A with webinar presenters and K-State Research and Extension Agents (5-10 min)



Pasture Management Meeting



Local Contacts for Local Meat Processors and Local Meat Producers

Local Producers 


KDA Deer Lockers