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Wildcat Extension District

Archive Videos

Tyler Johnson - Expanded Food and Nutrition Conference 

Cheri Nelsen - Ag Innovators Experience Grant

Adaven Scronse - Lambing and Kidding Workshop

Will Morris - 4-H Club Days

Cheri Nelsen - Inagural Gala

Tyler Johnson - Holiday Eating

Katie Townsend - 4-H Awards Banquet and Inagural Gala

Jacob Weber - Retirement

James Coover- Farm Succession and Tax Control

Cheri Nelsen- Youth Leadership Forum

Tara Solomon-Smith- Medicare Enrollment

Cara Comstock- National 4-H Week

Tara Solomon-Smith -  Parents University

Will Morris - State Fair

Wendy Powell - 2018 Farm Bill

James Coover & Ed Fields - Noxious Weeds

Jacob Weber - Bag Worms

Barbara Ames - Dining with Diabetes

Jacob Weber - Bagworms

Cheri Nelsen - 4-H Contest

Tara Solomon-Smith- Blender Bike/ Live Well Crawford County

Will Morris - Summer Camps

Wendy Powell - Internal parasites

Youth Entrepreneurship Contest

Tara Solomon-Smith - Aging With Attitude Expo

James Coover & Jeri Geren - Mushroom Workshop

Katie Townsend - Education Foundation

Will Morris - Junior Leaders

Cheri Nelsen - YQCA


James Coover- Soybean School

Will Morris- STEM

James Coover- Soybean's

Jacob Weber- Care for the Poinsettia

Keith Martin- Sheep and Goat Meeting

Cheri Nelsen- Enrolling for the new 4-H year

Jeri Geren- Calling and Trapping Coyote's

Tara Solomon-Smith- Medicare Part D

Katie Townsend- 4-H Exhibits at the Kansas State Fair

Katrina Even- Part 2 Wildcat Cooking- Baked Mozzarella Sticks

Katrina Even- Part 1 Wildcat Cooking- Baked Mozzarella Sticks

Katrina Even- Parents University

Jacob Weber- Fall Gardening

Katrina Even- Overnight Oats

Cheri Nelsen- County Fair

Katrina Even- Corn Basil Cakes

Will Morris- County Fair

Jacob Weber- Poison Ivy

Katrina Even- Quinoa Vegetable Salad

Keith Martin- Sericea Lespedeza

Tara Solomon-Smith and Katrina Even- Opioids and Healthy Living

Cheri Nelsen- 4-H Youth Development

Amanda Marney- Kids Can Cook

Julie Traxson- 4-H Camp

Katie Townsend- 4-H Leadership

Tara Solomon-Smith- Aging With Attitude

Keith Martin- Pasture Management

Kylie Ludwig and Barbara Ames - Walk Kansas

Will Morris - Junior Leaders Pancake Feed

Cheri Nelson - 4-H Club Day's

Jake Weber - How to care for house plants

Keith Martin - Calving Management

Barbara Ames - Holiday Food Poisoning

Josh Coltrain - Dicamba Herbicide

Jacob Weber - Shopping for live Christmas Trees

Katie Rohling- 4-H

Julie Traxson National 4-H Week

Jeri Geren - Blue Green Algae

Jacob Weber- Sweet Autumn Clematis

Keith Martin- Sericea Lespedeza

Jacob Weber -Watermelon's

Montgomery County 4-H Kids talking about their fair

Julie Traxson and Kylie Ludwig Labette County Sewing Workshop

Jacob Weber Japanese Beetles

Jeri Geren Armadillo's

Katie Rohling and Natalie Brake 4-H

Josh Coltrain flooded fields

Chuckie Hessong Operation Red File

Jake Weber Emerald Ash Borer

Martha Murphy Slim it Down Alfredo Sauce

Josh Coltrain Soil and Crops

Mandy Marney Board Leadership