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Wildcat Extension District

Wildcat Wednesday Archive

July 13, 2022 with Katherine Pinto and Karissa Winkel - Create Better Health - Arma

June 29, 2022 with Jesse Gilmore - Edible Landscaping

June 15, 2022 with Will Morris- Fair Season

June 1, 2022 with Holly Miner - Kitchen Kids Camp: part 2

June 1, 2022 with Holly Miner - Kitchen Kids Camp: part 1

May 18, 2022 with Cheri Nelsen - 4-H Favorite Foods

May 4, 2022 with Tara Solomon-Smith - Stay Strong, Stay Healthy Program

April 20, 2022 with Julie Smith and Mark Johnson - Wildcat District Education Foundation Auction

April 6, 2022 with James Coover and Holly Miner - Fermentation Part 1         Part 2

March 22, 2022 with Tara Solomon-Smith - Aging With Attitude

March 9, 2022 with Holly Miner and Julie Smith - Walk Kansas

Feb. 23, 2022 with Jesse Gilmore - Keeping Flowers Fresh

Feb. 9, 2022 with Will Morris- 4-H Days

Jan 26, 2022 With Julie Smith and Tanner Ulbrich- Youth Entrepreneurship

Jan 12, 2022 with Jesse Gilmore -Old Christmas Trees

Dec. 29, 2021 with Jesse Gilmore - Poinsettias

Dec. 15, 2021 with Cheri Nelsen - Projects to do for Youth During the Holiday Break

Dec 1, 2021 with Adaven Scronce - Deer Processing Workshop

Nov 17, 2021 with Holly Miner - Turkey Talk

Nov 3, 2021 with Frances Graves - Youth Leadership Facilitator Training

Oct 6, 2021 with Will Morris - National 4-H Week

Sept 22, 2021 with Tara Solomon-Smith -Resiliency and Lessons Learned

Sept 8, 2021 with Will Morris - State Fair

Aug 11, 2021 with Holly Miner - Food Waste and Food Preservation

June 16, 2021 with Holly Miner - Food Preservation and Safety

June 2, 2021 with Cheri Nelsen Favorite Foods Contest

May 19, 2021 with Wendie Powell Broomsedge Projects

May 5, 2021 with Katie Townsend 4-H Projects

April 21, 2021 with Frances Graves Foundation Education Auction

April 7, 2021 with Adaven Scronce Livestock Workshops

March 14, 2021 with James Coover and Adaven Scronce Pond Management

March 10, 2021 With Frances Graves SEK Beats the Virus

February 24, 2021 with Julie Smith Entrepreneurs

February 10, 2021 with Cheri Nelsen Exploring 4-H

January 13, 2021 with Will Morris 4-H Enrollment 

December 23, 2020 with Tara Solomon-Smith Training Resources

December 16, 2020 with James Coover and Wendie Poweel Fencing Laws 

October 21,2020 with Adaven Scornse and James Coover Swine Day

October 7,2020 with Cara Comstock 4-H Update

September 23, 2020 with Tara Solomon-Smith Medicare Open enrollment

September 9, 2020 with Cheri Nelsen State Fair Part 1

September 9, 2020 with Cheri Nelsen State Fair Part 2

September 2, 2020 with Julie Smith Holiday Shopping

August 12, 2020 with Frances Graves Back to School

August 5, 2020 with Jesse Gilmore Master Gardening

July 5, 2020 with Will Morris Fair Update

July 1, 2020 with James Coover Pickle Party

Katie Townsend - 4-H and Fairs

Wendie Powell - COVID-19 Relief For Producers

Frances Graves - Community Vitality

Will Morris - 4-H Activities Remotely

Tara Solomon-Smith - Suddenly In Charge

Tyler Johnson - Expanded Food and Nutrition Conference 

Cheri Nelsen - Ag Innovators Experience Grant

Adaven Scronse - Lambing and Kidding Workshop

Will Morris - 4-H Club Days

Cheri Nelsen - Inagural Gala

Tyler Johnson - Holiday Eating

Katie Townsend - 4-H Awards Banquet and Inagural Gala

Jacob Weber - Retirement

James Coover- Farm Succession and Tax Control

Cheri Nelsen- Youth Leadership Forum

Tara Solomon-Smith- Medicare Enrollment

Cara Comstock- National 4-H Week

Tara Solomon-Smith -  Parents University

Will Morris - State Fair

Wendy Powell - 2018 Farm Bill

James Coover & Ed Fields - Noxious Weeds

Jacob Weber - Bag Worms

Barbara Ames - Dining with Diabetes

Jacob Weber - Bagworms

Cheri Nelsen - 4-H Contest

Tara Solomon-Smith- Blender Bike/ Live Well Crawford County

Will Morris - Summer Camps

Wendy Powell - Internal parasites

Youth Entrepreneurship Contest

Tara Solomon-Smith - Aging With Attitude Expo

James Coover & Jeri Geren - Mushroom Workshop

Katie Townsend - Education Foundation

Will Morris - Junior Leaders

Cheri Nelsen - YQCA


James Coover- Soybean School

Will Morris- STEM

James Coover- Soybean's

Jacob Weber- Care for the Poinsettia

Keith Martin- Sheep and Goat Meeting

Cheri Nelsen- Enrolling for the new 4-H year

Jeri Geren- Calling and Trapping Coyote's

Tara Solomon-Smith- Medicare Part D

Katie Townsend- 4-H Exhibits at the Kansas State Fair

Katrina Even- Part 2 Wildcat Cooking- Baked Mozzarella Sticks

Katrina Even- Part 1 Wildcat Cooking- Baked Mozzarella Sticks

Katrina Even- Parents University

Jacob Weber- Fall Gardening

Katrina Even- Overnight Oats

Cheri Nelsen- County Fair

Katrina Even- Corn Basil Cakes

Will Morris- County Fair

Jacob Weber- Poison Ivy

Katrina Even- Quinoa Vegetable Salad

Keith Martin- Sericea Lespedeza

Tara Solomon-Smith and Katrina Even- Opioids and Healthy Living

Cheri Nelsen- 4-H Youth Development

Amanda Marney- Kids Can Cook

Julie Traxson- 4-H Camp

Katie Townsend- 4-H Leadership

Tara Solomon-Smith- Aging With Attitude

Keith Martin- Pasture Management

Kylie Ludwig and Barbara Ames - Walk Kansas

Will Morris - Junior Leaders Pancake Feed

Cheri Nelson - 4-H Club Day's

Jake Weber - How to care for house plants

Keith Martin - Calving Management

Barbara Ames - Holiday Food Poisoning

Josh Coltrain - Dicamba Herbicide

Jacob Weber - Shopping for live Christmas Trees

Katie Rohling- 4-H

Julie Traxson National 4-H Week

Jeri Geren - Blue Green Algae

Jacob Weber- Sweet Autumn Clematis

Keith Martin- Sericea Lespedeza

Jacob Weber -Watermelon's

Montgomery County 4-H Kids talking about their fair

Julie Traxson and Kylie Ludwig Labette County Sewing Workshop

Jacob Weber Japanese Beetles

Jeri Geren Armadillo's

Katie Rohling and Natalie Brake 4-H

Josh Coltrain flooded fields

Chuckie Hessong Operation Red File

Jake Weber Emerald Ash Borer

Martha Murphy Slim it Down Alfredo Sauce

Josh Coltrain Soil and Crops

Mandy Marney Board Leadership