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Wildcat Extension District

Labette County Fair  July 22 - 29 2023

Labette County Fairboard
JJ BebbPresident
Justin HuckeVice President
Kyle McKinzieSecretary
Carla BebbTreasurer
Kayla O'BrienClint Hanigan
Mark JohnstonJeramy Keller
Dev BeasonDavid Newby
Rick GattonAron O'Brien
Rick McKinzieMatt George
Louis Willems 


Fair Secretaries Office
PO Box 217
Oswego, KS 67356
Contact: LabetteCountyFair@gmail.com



4-H Poultry Declaration Form 


4-H Fair Entry Information

Fair Entry "How To Enter" Video

Link to Fair Entry - sign up here!


Horse ID Papers (printable)

Horse ID Papers (form fillable)

Horse Show Patterns

Poultry - Free & Required

Poultry testing is required for everything except for water fowl or chicks straight from a certified hatchery (must show hatchery paperwork). 

Can attend any of the dates across the district contact the office for info:
Montgomery: July 6th Independence fairgrounds @Riverside 4-6 p.m.
Labette: July 13th Oswego fairgrounds 4-6 p.m.
Wilson: July 5 @ Fredonia fairgrounds 4-6- p.m.
Crawford: July 12 @ Girard fairgrounds 4-6 p.m.

Chicken Anatomy

4-H Clothing Fashion Fair and Style Revue

The evaluation form may be filled out prior to fair or there will be copies to complete at check in on the day of judging.The Cost Per Wear form is also provide and may be easier to complete prior to judging.Please contact the extension office with questions.

Fashion Fair & Style Revue Evaluation Scorecard

Clothing & Textiles Cost Per Wear Form


Rabbit Anatomy


Sheep Anatomy


Swine Anatomy

Swine Ear Notching Information


Goat Showmanship

Goat Anatomy


Bucket Calf

Bucket Calf Questions

Calf Anatomy Coloring Page

Cow Stomach Anatomy


State Fair Judging Criteria

Example Photography Judging Criteria
Photo mounting Instructions



Fair Secretaries Office
PO Box 217
Oswego, KS 67356
Contact: LabetteCountyFair@gmail.com

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