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Wildcat Extension District

Montgomery County Fair July 24-29, 2019


Bucket Calf

Bucket Calf Questions

Calf Anatomy Coloring Page

Cow Stomach Anatomy


Chicken Anatomy



Horse Anatomy



 Rabbit Anatomy



Sheep Anatomy



Swine Anatomy



Goat Showmanship

Goat Anatomy


Style Review

Style Review-Construction

Style Review- Buymanship

Style Review- Descriptions


State Fair Information

State Fair Tickets and Parking



Photography Judging Criteria

Links and Documents

2018 Fair Book

Fair Board Members

President: Craig Newby

Vice-President: Jackie Chandler

Secretary: Sharon Ward

Treasurer: Jeremy Dodson

Other Members:

, Jeff Culver, Joel Keene, Trisha Snyder, Tony Henry, SueAnn White, Rick Wilson, Jackie Chandler, Liz Schwatken, Travis Lee

4-H Council Representatives:

Ashley Chandler, Rhett Newby, and Abby Ewing


Fairground Location

Riverside Park, Independence, Ks

Main 4-H building is located HERE