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Wildcat Extension District

Montgomery County Fair July 25- July 29, 2024

Fair Entry

New for 2023! All market animal (sheep, meat goats, swine, and beef) exhibitors must submit a livestock nomination form and pictures of their animal(s) by May 15th. Forms and pictures can be turned in by emailing them to mgco4Hfair@gmail.com or dropping them off at the extension office.

Goat Nomination Form
Sheep Nomination Form
Swine Nomination Form
Beef Nomination Form


Fair Entry "How To Enter" Video

Fair Entry Link


July 1 - Livestock entry deadline

  • All livestock must be enter WITH EAR TAG numbers by July 1
  • check fair book for limit on # of entries per species/class
  • Youth may move PREREGISTERED (July 1) animals among youth of the same household at the scales
  • July 1 is a firm deadline no exceptions

July 14th deadline to enter inside exhibits

  • Pre-entering exhibits allows us to speed up check-in, ribbon money calculations, and the food sale
  • Youth may still exhibit an INSIDE exhibit they did not pre-enter but should come early to fill a card out by hand

Bucket Calf

Bucket Calf Questions

Calf Anatomy Coloring Page

Cow Stomach Anatomy

Bucket Calf ID Equipment



Beef buying, feeding and showing videos

Poultry - Free & Required

Poultry testing is required every three years for everything except for water fowl or chicks straight from a certified hatchery (must show hatchery paperwork). 2023 and 2027 will be our testing years. 


How to protect your flock from the flu

Chicken Anatomy




County Horse Show

Pippin Arena - Independence

County Horse Show Entry Form

2023 Identification Paperwork (pdf form fillable) 

LINK to KS 4-H Horse page

KS 4-H Horse Rule Book  

Horse Anatomy



 Rabbit Anatomy

2020 RHVD2 rabbit disease protocol for county fair



Sheep Anatomy

Sheep buying, feeding, and showing videos


Swine Anatomy

Swine Ear Notching Information

Swine buying, feeding, and showing videos


Goat Showmanship

Goat Anatomy


Foods and Preservation

K-State Judging Guidelines

Foods Judging Guidelines

Recorded Food Judges Training - Great for kids wanting to learn what the judges looks for!

Preservation Food Labels canning jars 1x2.58

Preservation Food Labels canning jars 2x4

Regular Food Labels for bottom of plate (address label size)


Pressing leaves & compiling a notebook




State Fair Judging Criteria

Example Photography Judging Criteria
Photo mounting Instructions

Learn/Practice Photography Judging 


SpaceTech Forms

Rocketry HP/MP
Unmanned Arial Systems (drones)



Clothing Judging/Style Review

MODELING results

Construction form

Buymanship form

Style Review- Descriptions


State Fair Information

State Fair Tickets and Parking

Fair Board Members

President: Craig Newby

Vice-President: Mikelynn Allen

Secretary: Sharon Ward

Treasurer: Jackie Chandler

Other Members:

Tony Henry, Ashley Pippin, Liz Schwatken, Travis Lee. Angela Edwards, Amy Clubine, Keith Kuehn, and Barry Dixon

4-H Council Representatives:

Trey Newby, Alivia Kaiser, and Maggie Chandler


Fairground Location

Riverside Park, Independence, Ks

Main 4-H building is located HERE