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Wildcat Extension District

4-H Newsletters

January 2021 District Newsletter

October 2020 District Newsletter

May 2020 District Newsletter


Labette County Club Days

Labette County Club Day will be held virtuallyon February 6, 2021.  Entry forms are due to the extension office by January 29.  

Labette Co. Guidelines

Labette Co. Entry Forms

Regional Guidelines 


2020-2021 Enrollment Starts October 1st

 Enroll Here: http://v2.4honline.com/

Family Enrollment Guide

New Adult Volunteer Enrollment Guide


You must enroll by January 31, 2021, as a returning 4-H family member.

New families may enroll until May 1, 2021. If you have new members joining your club encourage them to get signed up early so they don't miss the deadline. See link below to enroll.

Enrollment for the 2021 4-H year is FREE, thanks to the Wildcat Extension Education Foundation.  When enrolling, please select "Payment will be collected by 4-H institution."


Upcoming Dates

For a list for all county and district wide events click HERE.

Labette County Fair Virtual Nomination Instructions- Here



2020 Labette County Fair Book

2020 Labette County Fair Updates and Reminders

4-H Poultry Declaration Form 

Fair Entry Sign-Up


Boredom Busters

Boredom Busters are free, fun, educational activities to keep youth engaged and learning.  Enclosed in each Boredom Buster Box, you will find a variety of activities and supplies that can be conducted by any 4-H aged youth.  (Some of our younger members may need some assistance with a few of the projects.) 

Lunar Landers

Edible Dirt Dessert

Pom Pom Poppers


Horse Id Papers (printable)

Horse Id Papers  (form fillable)

District Horse Show Entry Form  CANCELLED- Parsons State Hospital Arena - July 1, 2020


4-H Handbook:

Labette County 4-H member handbook

4-H Enrollment and Fee:

Enrollment for the new 4-H year is done through 4-H Online. 4-H is a great organization that teaches life skills, encourages higher education, and youth are less likely to be involved in risky behaviors (Tufts University, 2012). There is a waiver available for the fee. When you come to the payment choices just choose the waiver. No money is to be sent to the local office - it goes to the state office and there is an address provided if you are sending a check. The enrollment system is open as of October 1, 2020 for the new 4-H year. Returning families must enroll by January 31, 2021.





If you are not receiving emails from the Extension Office please contact us 620-784-5337.




Cara Comstock

Cara Comstock

4-H Youth Development and Leadership Development
(620) 784-5337

4-H Online enrollment

 Family Enrollment Guide

 New Adult Volunteer Enrollment Guide

Sunny Hills Camp Counselor Application 


2020 Labette County Fairbook

Labette County Fair Updates and Reminders

Labette County Fair Virtual Nomination Instructions

4-H Poultry Declaration Form

Nomination Form

Volunteer Application Steps

Volunteer Online Directions

Project Goals

Wildcat Record Book Forms

Clothing evaluation

Horse ID (Printable)

Horse ID (Form Fillable)


Join a 4-H club near you:

Altamont Rooters: 2nd Monday @ 7:00 p.m. WEEC Altamont,

Chetopa Aggies : 1st Wednesday @ 7:00 p.m. Chetopa Comm Bldg

Foland Fliers: 2nd Monday @ 7:00 p.m. Bartlett School,

Horse Club: Parsons State Hospital Arena please call for dates,

Leib: 4th Monday @ 7:00 p.m Cross Timbers Church Edna,

Midwest Ranchers: 2nd Sunday @ 5:00 p.m. Oswego Library

Montana Road Runners: 3rd Sunday @  4:00 p.m. Oswego Public Library,

Shooting Sports: LCHS Bus Barn please call for dates,

Thrifty Thrivers1st Monday @ 6:00 p.m. call for location Parsons

Timber Hill: 3rd Tuesday @ 7:00 p.m. Dennis Community Center