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Wildcat Extension District


Agriculture contributes almost 250 million dollars to the economy of the Wildcat Extension District annually according to the latest information from Kansas Ag Statistics. This value of production is harvested from over 400,000 acres of cropland and over 600,000 acres of pasture and hayland.  Wildcat District also supports an inventory of 69,000 beef cows, 89,000 calves, stockers and feedlot cattle and over 37,000 hogs.


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Crops & Soils

The National Ag Statistics Service estimates there are 2,670 farms covering 1,037,000 acres of farm ground in the Wildcat District. On a wide majority of the acres corn, wheat, and soybeans are grown. Along with the three major crops, grain sorghum is produced as well as hay and forage crops.

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James Coover

James Coover

Crops & Soils Agent
(620) 724-8233

Wendie Powell

Wendie Powell

Livestock Production Agent
(620) 782-5337

Adaven Scronce

Adaven Scronce

Diversified Agriculture & Natural Resources Agent
(620) 331-2690

Jesse Gilmore

Jesse Gilmore

Horticulture Agent
(620) 742-8233


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     Crawford County
     121 1/2 North Ozark
     Girard, KS 66743
     Ed Fields - Director
     (620) 724 4079
     (620) 249 2389
     Labette County
     1912 W Forest
     Oswego, KS 67356
     Ralph George
     (620) 795 4515
     (620) 429 6241
     Montgomery County
     117 N Wald
     Independence, KS 67301
     William Racy
     (620) 331 4139