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Wildcat Extension District


2020 Tractor Safety Modules
The Work Environment
Injuries Involving Youth
Mechanical Hazards
Agricultural Tractors
Connecting Implements to the Tractor
Skid Steers
Operating Skills  Op /Driving Test


Safe Operation of Farm Tractors: A Basic Overview for Farm Owners and Operators

 Farm Tractor Pre-Operation/Inspection
 Farm Tractor Instrument Panels and Controls
Proper Starting and Stopping of the Farm Tractor


Distractions that Influence Safe Farm Tractor Operation
Human Factors that Influence Safe Farm Tractor Operation


Rules for Safe Farm Tractor Field Operation


Rules of the Road for Safe Farm Tractor Highway Operation


Safe Use of Farm Tractor PTOs/Hydraulic/3-point Hitches/Drawbars


Farm Tractor Loader Safety


Grain Bin Safety


Grain Bin Safety


Safety Brief - Videos