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Food, Family, Home & Community

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Managing Stress and Pursuing Wellness

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CDC Recommends Wearing Cloth Face Covering in Public

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News Columns

Income Drop? Take Stock and Set Priorities     Article           Audio
The COVID-19 situation has affected many families in our district financially. From layoffs and closures to limited schedules, farm markets and more. Financial strain is a real issue for our friends and neighbors as they struggle to pay their bills and feed their families.

Julie Smith, Family Resource Management and Entrepreneurship Agent


Childcare Solutions during Quarantine                            Article            Audio
I know I am not alone in juggling a few kids, work, and pets while all together at home.  The thought that I am not the only one experiencing these adjustments is encouraging!  Thanks to a team of colleagues from K-State Research and Extension, a new program is being launched to assist older children in helping to care for siblings and additional resources for all families.

 Tara Solomon-Smith, Adult Development and Aging Agent


Food Planning During the Coronavirus Pandemic     Article       
During the coronavirus pandemic, you may be taking extra precautions to keep you and your family safe and prepared, including making sure you have everything you need at home. This guide from USDA’s ChooseMyPlate contains information on food planning, including what to buy, how much to buy, and preparation tips.

Barbara Ames - Family and Consumer Sciences Agent, Wildcat Extension District


Nutrition and Health During the Quarantine      Article         
Now more than usual, people are looking for ways to stay healthy.  In addition to good hygiene, good nutrition and hydration are essential.  Eating a well-balanced diet and drinking enough water increases your immune system and lower your risk of most chronic and infectious diseases. 

Tyler Johnson -Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program Agent, Wildcat Extension District