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Crops & Soils Featured Topics

Phosphorus: A Farmer’s Analysis in Soil Phosphorus Chemistry          Article
Agricultural producers know their soil fertility. They know how much of what to apply and when to achieve the production yields they desire. Of course, the large part of yield is left to nature’s whims, but the capability of soil fertility is there. While there are some definite improvements that could be had, most crop producers have a good basis of their field soil fertility. Agronomist like myself often never get into the gritty details of soil chemistry with producers. We often focus on the “how much,” rather than the “why.” We don’t get into the gritty details of why because they are not really important to producer yields…but maybe we should.  Farmers are smart enough for it and maybe something can be found in the finer details.

-Feb. 20, 2019

New 2019 Dicamba Regulations on Soybeans     Audio
Dicamba. A complicated word with lots of possibilities but also frustrations, implications, and regulations. Dicamba has been around for a long time (under the names Banvel and later Clarity) but it wasn’t much of an issue until Xtendimax, FeXapan, and Engenia resistant soybeans and cotton came on the market and were The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved a few years ago. While it seemed that Dicamba was less of an issue last year than in 2017, many sensitive crops were still damaged.

- Jan. 23, 2019

 Soybean Sudden Death Syndrome               Audio             Article

Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS). This dramatic sounding disease can quite possibly warrant the name as SDS can really hurt yield and leave large areas of your soybean field black and withered. Sudden Death Syndrome is fairly common and can be problematic in wet years during the flowering period, especially in river bottoms and low areas of the field. The higher the yield potential of the soybean the more likely SDS will be an issue.

Dec. 27, 2018

Proper Forage Sampling Procedures          Audio                   Article
Hay bales can be an effective and reliable feed source for livestock as the weather turns cold and dreary. When it comes to feeding or selling hay through the winter, one thing that should never be neglected is to get the hay properly tested. The information gained from forage sampling will help to better determine the hay’s market value and ration formulation for livestock.

- Dec. 4, 2018