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Now is  Great Time to Control Blackberries and Sericea Lespedeza     Article

Fall is Prime Time For Cut Stump Treatments   Audio

Cool temperatures and good soil moisture make this an ideal time for cut stump treatments.

Dry Weather Can Cause Problems with Livestock - Audio  Article        

Blue Green Algae, Nitrates and Prussic are all favored by hot dry weather

Controlling Horn Flies Effectively - Audio  

Horn flies can cause big economic losses. This clip covers different control options as well as strategies to reduce the buildup of resistance.

Brush Control Timing and Products to Use   Audio

Now is an excellent time to apply make plans for controlling blackberries, hedge, locust and other brush species in your pasture.

Selecting Heifers for Replacements  Audio

Dr. Bob Weaber of KSU discusses selection criteria to consider when selecting replacement females for your herd.

Managing Broomsedge Bluestem - Audio

Broomsedge is a common invader in fescue and native pastures.  Keith Martin gives some tips to manage this problem weed.

Forage Analysis Fine Tunes Feeding Decisions - Audio     Article

Forage Sampling is a necessary tool to allow producers to accurately meet the nutritional needs of cows wintered on hay.

Preparing Heifers for Breeding Season - Audio

Pre breeding exams for heifers can assist in selecting those females most likely to respond to estrus synchronization protocols and culling those females more likely to have difficulty conceiving and calving.

Breeding Soundness Evaluation of Bulls Should Include Trich Test - Article

One of the most important factors in determining the profitability of a beef herd is the number of calves weaned per cow exposed. A breeding soundness evaluation of bulls ensures that bulls are capable of settling cows. 

Effect of Cold Stress on Livestock - Audio

Cattle under cold stress need more nutrients to maintain body condition.

Proper Forage Sampling Procedures - Audio

Hay bales can be an effective and reliable feed source for livestock as the weather turns cold and dreary. When it comes to feeding or selling hay through the winter, one thing that should never be neglected is to get the hay properly tested. The information gained from forage sampling will help to better determine the hay’s market value and ration formulation for livestock.

Hay Storage - Article

Large round bales can be a practical and economic way to put up hay to use at a later date. Reducing the amount hay lost to storage is beneficial to any producer. It’s key to note that storage losses occur even under the best storage conditions with any type of hay. However, losses are greatest for large round bales stored outside, which also happens to be the most common method of hay storage in Kansas.

Calving Distributions are Useful Tools - Audio

K State Research and Extension Beef Cattle Specialist, Dr. Sandy Johnson discusses reviewing calving distributions to make better decisions when managing the cowherd.