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Livestock & Forage Media

Livestock and Coronaviruses         Article          Audio
Infectious disease experts and multiple international and domestic human and animal health organizations agree there is no evidence at this point to indicate that pets become ill with COVID-19 or that they spread it to other animals, including people.

Wendie Powell, Livestock Production Agent

- April 1,2020


Feeding Market Goats and Lambs for Show             Article
One of the most important parts of raising a successful market goat or lamb project for the county fair is the feed program. Not every feed program will work for every animal. Just like people, every animal is different. When determining the type of feed program that is right for your animal, you need to take into consideration; the weight limits of your show, the animals age, and the animals frame size.

Adaven Scronce, diversified Agriculture and Natural Resource Agent

- March 16, 2020

 Spring Pasture Thoughts       Audio

To combat pests like weeds, the first step is sometimes the hardest, identification of the problem. Proper ID is paramount to good (and cost effective) control.

Wendie Powell, Livestock Production Agent

- March 5, 2020


Vaccine Handling            Audio
To protect your animals against infectious diseases, it is important to vaccinate not only at the right time, but with the right product. Properly handling the vaccine from the time it’s purchased to the time it’s given to the animals will ensure the best immunity.

Wendie Powell, Livestock Production Agent

- February 26, 2020


Horse Body Conditioning Scoring         Audio
A body conditioning scoring system has served to provide a standard scoring system for the industry which can be used across breeds and by all hourse people

Wendie Powell, Livestock Production Agent

- February 18, 2020


Calf Scours       Audio
Several pathogens can cause severe scours in calves. The impact of the germs is determined by the calf’s age and the integrity of its immune system.

Wendie Powell, Livestock Production Agent

- February 12, 2020

First Milk Important to Successful Birthing Experience    Article           Audio
There’s no better sight than watching a newborn get up and begin to nurse their mama. However, difficult deliveries, inexperienced dams and babies born without vigor sometimes keep that connection from happening.

Wendie Powell, Livestock Production Agent

 - February 7, 2020


Cool Season Forage Intake               Audio
Maximizing the forage that livestock managers have available is important for profitability.

- January 31, 2020

Forage Analysis              Audio

Greater profit is the primary reason livestock producers need to know the quality of forages they are feeding. Not knowing the forage's exact quality acts as a two-edged sword that can cut into profits either way it swings.

Wendie Powell, Livestock Production Agent

- January 23, 2020

 Preparing for Kidding Season          Article
It’s a new year and kidding season is right around the corner, or for some breeders it may have already began. If kidding has not already started for you, now is a good time to go through your supplies to make sure you have everything you may need and are ready for kidding season.

Adaven Scronce, Diversified Agriculture and Natural Resource Agent

- January 17, 2020


More Energy Needed When Cold          Audio
Most livestock producers appreciate that cold weather increases nutrient requirements. However, the more common questions are “When or under what conditions should we respond to a cold weather event?” or “How should we respond?”

Wendie Powell, Livestock Production Agent

- January 7, 2020


Feeding Moldy Hay     Article
We are still seeing consequences from such a wet summer and difficult haying season. No matter how hard producers tried, hay was likely baled a little too wet and now has some mold. 

Wendie Powell, Livestock Production Agent

-December 16,2019


Determining Pasture Lease Pricing    Article
Perhaps the most popular question I receive throughout the year involves pasture leasing. Land is changing hands, landowners and tenants want to make sure they have up to date information to leasing arrangements, and frankly, there’s a lot of money that can be tied up in these situations.

- November 22, 2019


Recycling Pumpkins                  Article
Leaves are changing color, the air has gotten cooler, and some parts of Kansas have already gotten snow. October has turned into November and depending on the day it may seem like fall is already giving way to winter.

 - November 11, 2019


Dealing with Foot Rot in Livestock            Article
During the summer months we often treat lame livestock. The effects of lameness may show itself by decreased fertility, weight loss, decreased performance, and increased labor and medicine costs. It has been estimated that 88-92% of lameness stems from the foot.

- October 15, 2019

Soil Sampling                              Article
If you are considering planting a winter food plot, knowing the nutrient levels of the soil before planting will help you determine if you need to add nutrients to the soil or not. Soil tests provide a scientific base for evaluating the available plant nutrients in a field, garden, lawn, pasture, or food plot.

-October 9, 2019


Selecting a Winter Feeding Site                          Article
Winter feeding of cattle is a necessary part of nearly all cow-calf operations. The feeding site is the area that a producer will feed the cattle regularly, providing hay and sometimes grain or other supplements to provide the nutrients cattle need.

- September 25,2019


A Year for Baleage               Article
There is likely going to be a lot more silage chopped this year. Many acres that were enrolled in prevented planting with their insurance or Farm Services Agency (FSA) after the last planting date needed a cover crop.

- September 9, 2019


Feed Sampling Standard Operating Procedures             Article
Feed sampling is critical to proper nutritional management of cattle. The following is a list of standard practices to ensure an accurate, representative sample of stored forages and mixed diets.

- August 28, 2019

Preparing Sheep and Goats for Breeding Season     Article

Fall is quickly approaching and with fall comes breeding season for sheep and goats. August is a good time to start making plans for breeding season, if you have not done so already, and to evaluate your does and ewes to make sure they are in good condition before breeding. 

- August 13, 2019

Questions of Organic Matter                  Article

Soil organic matter is one of the oddest components of soil. Although it comprises a small percentage of total soil volume and weight, it completely changes the color, nutrient transfers, cation exchange capacity and water holding capacity.

- August 9, 2019


Blue- Green Algae              Article
The high summer temperatures combined with the increased amount of runoff from rain has increased the risk of blue-green algae in ponds and lakes.  Blue-green algae can occur in a pond as a result of runoff that carries nitrogen or phosphorus into the pond.

- July 15, 2019


 Are forage Tests Important?       Article
For nearly four decades, scientists have been refining the ability to test forages for quality. This research is being done in an effort to improve animal nutrition and, consequently, animal production.

-July 3,2019


Effective Weed Control                  Article
Thanks to the influx of rain our area has received, there are a lot of weeds everywhere. A weed is only a plant that is out of place. Bermudagrass may be a weed in a flower garden, but not in a pasture. Corn can be the desired plant in a field, but in a rock garden; it’s a weed.

-June 3, 2019


Defense of the Fence                     Article
Like all the other things that need to get done this time of year, so do fences often need to be built and repaired. It is a good idea to keep in mind Kansas fence laws when doing so.

- May 21, 2019


Avoid a Winter Hangover This Breeding Season           Article
Winter has been long and difficult. Cold and wet weather increased energy demands. Cows could be thinner than normal after calving and winter conditions could have negatively influenced bull fertility as well.

-May 13, 2019


Making Beef Management Calendars Easier         Article                          
Technology has been developed that makes many things in our lives much easier. Some of you may remember when you were the “remote control” when your Dad was watching TV. Now, new homes have heating, alarm and lighting systems throughout that can be controlled remotely with a smart phone.

-May 10, 2019


Scoring Meat Goats on Body Condition                   Article                            Audio
Every goat producer has animals that are either too thin or too fat. Failure to recognize these animals and take corrective actions will cost dearly in terms of decreased fertility, increased disease or internal parasite incidence, decreased milk production, and increased operating costs.

-April 10, 2019

A body conditioning scoring system has served to provide a standard scoring system for the industry which can be used across breeds and by all horse people.