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Wildcat Extension District

January 2020

1          Office Closed for New Year’s Day

14         KAP’s Due for Area Screening

15         Registration Deadline- Citizenship in Action

16         Wildcat Foundation Fundraiser

17         Area KAP Screening – Eureka

20         Office Closed for MLK Day

24-26    State 4-H Horse Panorama

26         4-H Council Meeting 1:00 pm

26         Livestock Club Meeting 2:30pm

31         Enrollment Deadline

31         Club Days Entry Deadline


To view the Wildcat District 2020 4-H Calendar click HERE. For a list for all county and district wide events click HERE.


2019-2020 Enrollment starts October 1st

Enrollment Guide for New Families

Reenrollment Guide for Returning Families


 Club Days

Please sign up with Club leaders or email Cheri Nelsen cnelsen@ksu.edu

See rules, guidelines, scorecards, and participation options here: Regional/County Guidelines

Club Day event options (see more details in "Regional/County Guidelines"):

Public Speaking (sr. 13 & up) (jr. 12 & under “talks”)
Extemporaneous Speech - seniors only *Not eligible for regionals local contest only
Multi Media Video Presentation
Folk and Classical Dance
Group Skits/Plays
Novelty (gymnastics, karate, etc.)
Chorus, vocal ensemble, vocal solo, instrumental ensemble, instrumental solo

Need help starting your presentation? Check out this help guide: 4-H Presentation Overview

What is club day?

Club day is an opportunity for youth to show off the skills they’ve been learning at their 4-H meetings plus a few extra (dance, music, talent, etc.)! Talks and/or demonstrations need to be prepared for club meetings so why not give it at club days too! Public speaking is an essential skill and 4-H is a safe place to practice and hone those skills. Ribbons are awarded and the top two winners (or one group) have the opportunity to represent Montgomery County at the regional contest March 7th in Chanute.

Why should I participate in club day?

If you don’t do it for the practice with public speaking skills do it for the camp scholarship! Youth giving a talk or demonstration at club days will receive a $45 scholarship to a local camp from the Montgomery County 4-H Foundation. Local camps honored are Cedar Bluff 4-H Camp in Coffeyville, Greenbush 4-H Camp in Greenbush (Girard), seniors a local camp option (like floating on leadership) should be held.

How do I sign up? And what are my options to sign up for?

A sign-up form is posted on our website using google docs.  Also on our website is the guidelines for each category. They are the same guidelines as regional club days. Sign up for everything you think you might do so we have enough judges to make the day go quickly. You can always scratch at the door that morning.

I have a basketball game can I do go early or late?

YES! Please make arrangements to do both if possible. We are always willing to work with youth. Order is determined by signing up on the door that morning. If you want to go first be sure to show up a little before 8:30 and be set up and ready for the judge. If you want to go later in the day, have a 4-H friend sign you in on your room door for a later time slot. If you’re not present, the room will skip you and go to the next person but as when you get there you’ll still be able to give your presentation! We recommend being present by 11 a.m. to keep the day moving smoothly.

When are awards announced?

Ribbons will not be handed out until the entire room is done. If you would like to stay until everyone in your room has gone, ribbons will be handed out as soon as we can get them organized. If you would like to leave when you are done, ribbons will be sent with a club leader or mailed to you. You will be contacted by the extension office if you were the winner of your division to see if you want to compete at regionals or offer it to another youth.

How can I help?

Older youth looking for jr. leader/ambassador checkmarks for achievement pins should consider being a door monitor. Sign up to be a door monitor when you sign up to compete on the google doc. Club leaders or other adults interested in helping please send the extension office an email, krohling@ksu.edu if you are interested in helping or tag the information onto a youth’s google sign-up, either way works. Door monitors will make sure the youth are ready in the correct order outside the room to keep the day moving quickly and smoothly. Door monitors will also make sure youth have filled out an evaluation sheet to hand to the judge as they enter the room.

New 4-H Fees

Investing in 4-H Program Fee Guide


What is 4-H?

  • 4-H is one of the world's largest youth organizations.
  • 4-H is an out-of-school, volunteer led, educational program.
  • 4-H is an informal educational program for all boys and girls 7 to 18 years of age.
  • 4-H is learning by doing.
  • 4-H is kids having fun and learning with their friends.

Wilson County 4-H Facts

There are currently 4 Active 4-H Community Clubs

  • Busy Beavers 4-H Club
  • High Prairie Pioneers 4-H Club
  • Homebuilders 4-H Club
  • Lucky Horseshoe 4-H Club

A typical Wilson County 4-H year consists of: Officer's Training, County Club Day, Judging Contests, County Camp, Favorite Food Show, Clothing Judging/Style Revue, County Fair and the Achievement Banquet. Many other activities are available at the area, state and national levels during the year as well.

 Cheri Nelson

Cheri Nelsen

4-H Youth Development Agent

Important Links

Adult Volunteer Steps

Online Enrollment Directions

Volunteer Training

General Record

Record Book Pages

Livestock Record Book Page

Shooting Sports Plan and Record Sheet

Membership pins

State 4-H Tip Sheet

KAP Link


4-H Newsletters

January 2020 District Newsletter

November District Newsletter 

October County Newsletter


Dog Show Information

Click HERE and HERE.

Horse Show

2019 Southeast Area District Horse Show, Entry FormRules 

YQCA Training

Click HERE to sign up for the training. 


Greenbush Camp

Greenbush Camper Packet  

Greenbush Medication Form



State 4-H Scholarship Application

Wordmarks for publications/flyers

KSRE/4-H Grows Here

Shooting Sports


How to Join 4-H

When youth reach their seventh birthday by January 1st of the current 4-H year they may join 4-H.

Contact us we will give you information on how to get in touch with  the clubs in our county. You can then attend a meeting and fill out an enrollment card.

There are many projects you can enroll in, there is something for everyone!