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Food Preservation

 Preserve It

Home food preservation is a way to preserve the freshness of homegrown food. While more popular in years past, preserving food at home is still done today. Without factoring in the labor costs, home food preservation can save money compared to commercially preserved foods.

When done properly and safely, home preserved foods are a treat. But when improper practices and unsafe food handling techniques are used, the food can cause foodborne illness such as botulism, a serious illness that can affect your nerves, paralyze you, and even cause death.   You can find out more at:   http://www.cdc.gov/features/homecanning/

To keep your family safe, only tested recipes and methods from reliable sources should be used for home canning. 

You can find in-depth, step-by-step directions from the following sources:


You can find publications and links to a wealth of home food preservation information at K-State’s Rapid Response Center/Food Preservation site.   


Preserve It Fresh, Preserve It Safe Newsletters

Wildcat Extension District periodically offers Boiling Water and Pressure Canning Classes.  If you are interested in attending a hands-on canning workshop, please contact one of our offices.

Linda Beech - Canning Tips
Do you know how to select the proper canning method for your produce?  This video shares excellent advice on why pressure canning is a must for much of our garden produce. Also learn why using tested recipes is imperative for providing safely canned food for your family.   Note that this is filmed in western Kansas where elevations are higher. In Wildcat District, we are under 1000 feet and would not have to make the altitude changes mentioned. Preserve it Fresh...Preserve it Safe.
Linda Beech - Farmers Market Selling Tips
Do you know what it takes to be able to legally sell at a local farmer’s market?  This video is “must see” information for anyone interested in selling at a Kansas farmer’s market.  Also important knowledge for those shopping at farmer’s markets  to protect them from purchasing potentially unsafe food.